Farmer Twins

Month: May 2017

Five: After

The sun is out, and the Agapanthus are spiking their delicate purple floral orbs around the backyard. It is Memorial Day weekend and the eight month anniversary of Aaron’s passing. It’s equally weird to me as I’m purchasing my plane tickets to Scotland today, which is where I’ll be for our birthday and the six months after that. I miss Aaron a lot today, obviously, but at the same time, I’m yearning for normalcy (it doesn’t help that, yet again, I’ve caught a cold that has given me coughing for a week. Ugh. Cough cough cough).

Dad has retreated into his cave more than he normally does; Mom is angry. And I don’t blame them one iota. I think I’m in the middle, as I’m lucky to have work as a distraction (especially with Scotland on the horizon). They are retired now and haven’t found their new normal yet (and spending all day on Facebook doesn’t count!), but I’m hoping they’re able to start finding it soon. Having them with me for the first two weeks will make Scotland both unforgettable and hard: great because I get to spend my birthday with them and hard because once they leave, then I’ll be alone. The thought exhilarates me, though!

Breaking into the Urquhart Castle during my first trip to Scotland

The fact that work is allowing me this opportunity to work from afar and still produce the quality of work I’ve been doing for six years makes me grateful. Scotland will force me to find a new normal and try new things (haddock!). It’s scary, but I’ll be okay. I know it. I leave on August 5, and I’m counting down the days already.