Farmer Twins

Two: Before

I know that I take Southern California for granted. Sometimes I overlook the beaches, the sunny warmth on my face, the shallowness of Los Angeles, and forget that for all of its annoyances, it’s pretty spectacular. It takes one out-of-town visitor to make me want to soak in all things SoCal like the rest of us. In fact, I’ve lived here in Long Beach for two years and never walked over to the house used in the filming of Ferris Bueller’s Day Off. So the day before Aaron’s passing, Dr. Alex and I walked over to the house, also since it’s one of his favorite movies (in all reality, how can one not like it!?!?).

So Alex and I made it and took some photos out in front of the house. It was kind of fun to see a piece of film history (yes, I use that term) there in the flesh. Knowing that Jennifer Grey kicked the shit out of Principal Jeffery Jones in the side yard of that house is pretty cool.

Later that evening, I took Alex to a going away dinner for my friends Ron and Katie. It was a great evening where Alex hung out with strangers and Ron and Katie told us that they were expecting…before they’d told anyone else. For his part, Alex had already guessed it, though. He said she radiated pregnancy.

Looking back at that day through the lens of Aaron’s death is fascinating. I remember my other friend, Adrienne, ordering a hippy-sounding beer and the vintage, half-naked women featured on posters in the men’s restroom. It’s weird what stays with me regarding that day.

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